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How does one become a trainee at SM Entertainment

Mar 18,2024 | HCBD

  1. Diet. It turns out SM entertainment doesn’t force you to diet. Of course since training is competitive, everyone diets hard to debut right? But SM entertainment doesn’t force you to. They’d send you controlled food portions everyday but without desserts. And if you wanna break your diet, you have to buy the junk food yourself.
  2. What your day would look like. According to source, an SM trainee has to wake up at 6.00 am sharp and if your a foreign trainee you have to attend Korean Language School from 8.00 am for 4–5 hours. After lunch you have to practice until dinner time, which is around 6–7 hours. After dinner, you can choose whether to continue practicing or not. Trainees only get to rest on Sundays.
  3. How they train you? They’ll train you based on what your skill is, such as dancing, singing or rapping. But on top of that, trainees will be trained in modern dances, acting, personality and camera testing. Sometimes, female trainees will receive some lessons on songwriting, meanwhile male trainees will receive lessons on producing.
  4. Money matters. While some unscrupulous companies make their own trainees pay for the experience, it was confirmed SM Entertainment is not one of them. Once you become a trainee, everything essential is paid for you, including schooling, housing, food, and beauty products. If your foreign, SM entertainment will pay for your Korean lessons. Trainees are also given a small allowance after practice. Trainees who complete their contracts don’t have to pay anything back if they leave. Only those who leave mid-contract are asked to pay back all the costs incurred.
  5. Dating ban? Some companies definitely have an explicit dating ban, but, this wasn’t the case at SM entertainment. However, it is “implied”, so trainees likely didn’t date just to stay on the safe side.
  6. Others.
    • Trainees aren’t allowed to use their phones except at night and on Sundays
    • Trainees cant go out by themselves late at night.